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Stormwater Program

To Report Salinas Spills/Dumping:  Call 758-7233. State the location of the spill/dumping (street intersection/street address), the time, any information that can help the City find the source and alert the offender of the prohibition.

Check out Clean Water Salinas to learn more about the stormwater program and its positive impact on our community.

Urban Watershed (Stormwater) Management Program

The City of Salinas’ Urban Watershed (Stormwater) Management Program is an integrated effort involving the public, with municipal departments, federal, state and other local agencies. Together, the goal is to protect water resources by reducing or eliminating contaminants from entering our local creeks and ultimately the Salinas River. By protecting local water bodies, we protect waters downstream, including Monterey Bay.

What can you do to Help?

Residents, businesses and schools can all make a difference. In fact, that is the only way we can protect our water from pollution. Specific brochures containing best management practices (BMPs) to protect water from pollution can be accessed on the right side of the this site under "Stormwater Documents" page. These are simple solutions; In many cases, these are also requirements. Visit Clean Water Salinas to learn how to take action at your residence or join an event with Salinas' community partners.

What is Stormwater / Urban Runoff?

Storm Drain Cover

URBAN RUNOFF is all the water that flows from our streets, driveways, buildings, sidewalks and landscapes and includes STORMWATER. The protection of our local watersheds and waterways depends upon everyone doing his or her fair share to protect water quality. There are many simple things you can do to prevent pollutants from entering streets. One is to reduce the flow into our storm drains that carries urban runoff away.

If Stormwater Pollution Was Rubber Duckies from Environment Salinas on Vimeo.


Regulations for Stormwater

Dump no waste drain cover

Salinas’ Stormwater Permit requires every resident and business to take responsibility for their water quality by preventing pollutants from entering downstream water bodies. This is achieved by each of us taking responsible steps to protect our water, called stormwater best management practices or BMPs. By exploring this website, you can learn how to protect our water and how you can get involved.

Watershed Neighbors and the Creeks of Salinas

small streamWe all live in a watershed. A watershed is all the land area, including man-made and natural surfaces, that contribute water flow to the nearest waterway. Water travels from the highest points of a watershed to the lowest points, eventually to the ocean. Everything that happens in the watershed affects downstream water quality and habitat quality for fish, birds and other living things. Salinas waterways are its local neighborhood creeks, the Reclamation Ditch and the Salinas River, all connected to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. For more information, visit: Clean Water Salinas.

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